Tips in Motivating Students

Maintaining student motivation during classroom discussion is the most difficult steps in delivering educational subject matter. Here are some tips to maintain student’s interest. Most of the time, intelligent student stays with you during lesson proper while the average student can lose their attention due to their classmate or friends noisiness.

Classroom management is a skills that teacher learn gradually. Normally, teacher will acquire this after one full year of experience. Knowing this technique will help teacher easily adjust to the teaching and learning situation.

1. Praises should be informal. Other student should hear teacher praises so that he/she will boost his own confident.

2. Give him additional task after the classes. Pinoy Teleserye The task should be unusual to the student so it will not serve as ordinary teachers favor. Asking student to check test paper involve great trust to the student. The pupils will directly feel the trust of the teachers. Give this technique right at the moment the student get a good score in quiz. Rotate the task to others to bring more motivation.

3. Show to the student some respect by asking their opinion in matured problem. It means the problem should not be included in the lesson. It might be political, social or environmental. This question will motivate the student to think of the future. Make sure the level of question is enough for him/her to answer or produce answer in the future.

4. Be watchful on student specific development. Once you see some, let them speak with you on they did the task or let them speaks before the class.

5. Avoid creating intense competition among students. Competition produces anxiety, which can interfere with learning. Reduce students’ tendencies to compare themselves to one another

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