The Benefits of Playground Shade Structures – Staying Safe and Cool

A trip to the park is always an enjoyable treat! Your children want to get out and actively play, invent new games and interact with other children. One great way to provide your children with a safe place to play whenever they want is to install backyard playground equipment. This brings the fun of the park home! Safety is something to consider no matter what activity your child is participating in. You may think you have thought of everything that needs to be done, but did you remember to consider the harmful UV rays you are allowing your child to be exposed to? The benefits of installing shade structures for your backyard playground goes beyond keeping the sun off your children as they play.

While it is important to do everything in your power to prevent your children from becoming overly exposed to the harsh sun, this is not the only reason to include shade structures with your playset. While the sun is at its hottest, between about 2 and 5 pm, especially during the peak summer months, things really start to heat up. Any metal parts on your equipment can literally burn your child when they overheated. Chains on swings and metal attachments to climbing structures become hazards while the sun is beating on them. If your playground is properly shaded, no such overheating of attachments will occur.

Kids often have to cut an afternoon of fun short simply because they get too hot. The combination of fun active games and the overhead sun can be too much for little children. With shade structures, the fun can continue because, not only will the equipment not become overheated, the children 안전놀이터 will not either. Trees are usually not enough to provide shade over the playground at all times of the day and certainly not all times of the year. Even during the spring and fall, the sun can get very warm, but the leaves on surrounding trees are not full and capable to provide adequate shade.

A little exposure to the sun is not harmful, and in fact is important in keeping proper health. Hours of exposure to the sun during the harshest times of the day is not recommended, however. Overheating equipment is an issue, especially if is it metal. High quality wooden structures will not overheat like metal or even plastic.


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