Prophetic – Experiencing Deep Love and Intimacy

Something deep in the Spirit is happening in the prophetic realm. Supernatural restoration is being released in a profound way into the core and heart of many who are desperate for genuine love. This restoration work of the Holy Spirit is cutting edge and is impacting people world wide. The Request prophetic word anointing is key in accessing this dimension of the supernatural. Prophetic power always takes us beyond the natural capacities of human emotions and leads us into a place of experiencing and receiving incredible love and intimacy. Here’s how.

The prophetic is available to anyone who asks and seeks for this gift from the Holy Spirit. I am not just speaking of supernatural words or gifted proclamation. I am speaking of the anointing or power of the Holy Spirit that takes us into His supernatural provisions. The power of prophesy is such that it opens doors into the supernatural and then enables us to encounter the emotional dynamics of God. Prophesy takes us beyond ourselves into the heavenly realms. There love and intimacy is more than a concept because it manifests in a tangible form.

What I mean by that is that in the Heavenly Realms His love is like a living electrifying substance that will flow like liquid into the human heart and emotions. This type of God love is tangible. It actually has substance qualities to it that can be felt and experienced.

It flows into the tissue, into the bones, into the brain cells, into the emotions of your being. Many are experiencing this manifestation of God’s love. It completely rejuvenates the inner being. It energizes. It melts the hardness of the human heart. It washes away the memories of rejection, hurt and regret. This love transforms and empowers us with the ability to forgive and let go of the wrong doings perpetrated against us. These are the internal walls that deeply inhibit giving and receiving of love. God’s kind of love sets us free from fear, uncertainty and insecurities. His love is so pure, holy and genuine. It is God’s kind of love and He is releasing this gift into any that will seek for and receive it.

I have experienced this divine love numerous times, so I speak from knowledge not from theory. Our human love is so limited and at best surface. The love that flows from God is totally awesome and beyond comparison. He is a God of Romance and wants us to experience His love and for others to experience His love through us. Receiving this supernatural love will impact the full spectrum of your emotional and physical performance. Husbands and wives will be carried into deeper marital intimacy than ever before. Love within the family will take on a deeper dimension of expression. Your whole life will carry a living Presence that exudes such love that it will impact all you do and say.

Let God embrace you and release His love into your mind, heart and soul. He is pursuing you so He can have this kind of relationship with you. Here’s what you can do. Spend time with Him in worship, praise and quiet meditation. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you into prophetic revelation and reveal the heart of the Father to you. Having done this then begin to express your love to Him. Actually tell Him how much you love Him. How much you want to love Him. How you want to know Him more so you can love Him more. Express your love in songs and however is best for you. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you. Rely on the Holy Spirit for He is the One who can take you into revelation and the downloads of God’s love.

As a prophet of God I release the anointing of the Holy Spirit over your life now. I release revelation into your mind and spirit of all that God wants to lead you into. May you experience God’s love. May His love flow into you like spiritual rivers and transform you. May you be restored and set free of the internal walls that inhibit intimacy and love. May you from this day forward have dreams, visions and prophetic encounters in the supernatural realms of God’s Presence. I establish this today in His Name. So let it be as it is established for you.

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