Female Hair Loss – Throw Away the Wigs and Hair Pieces

Women develop what is called female-pattern baldness resulting in female hair loss whereby the hair becomes thin and very sparse over the whole scalp. Baldness with women can cause various psychological factors as well adding more stress and eventually they end up on a merry-go-round situation.

Doctors are frequented regularly in the hope they can braided wigs cure the hair loss condition. They in turn ask about your diet and what medications you are taking, if there have been any recent illnesses and the type of hygiene used to keep your scalp healthy.

The doctor will also question your menstrual cycles, how many pregnancies as well as if you are older your menopause symptoms. You will have a full medical examination and blood tests will be carried out or the doctor will take a biopsy sample from the scalp just to see if there are any infections that may be causing the problem. This becomes extremely costly and is ongoing.

Depending on what type of hair loss you have, will depend entirely on what kind of treatment can be used. For instance if a certain medication you are on is causing your hair to fall out, then the doctor needs to change the medication. Should there be an infection of sorts causing hair loss then a treatment will be prescribed in order to combat the condition. And if it is hormonal, then the hormones need to be put back into balance again and again with medication.

Women suffering from hair loss always ask whether it could be due to improper hair care and hygiene. Yes it can also cause female hair loss and mainly due to people pulling on the hair when using rollers, or braiding the hair as well as tight ponytails. This is termed as traction alopecia. One must be cautious when brushing or creating any tight hair style that will pull on the scalp as eventually this will cause scarring to the scalp.

Hot oil treatments or any sort of chemical like permanent dyes and perming of the hair can cause severe inflammation to the hair follicles and eventually will cause you to loss hair rapidly especially as you get older. There are also so many products claiming that hair growth status which do not work and out of desperation women just keep trying this and that to no avail as well as money down the drain.

These are some of the medical conditions that can also cause hair loss in women like renal failure, thyroid or liver disease, childbirth or stopping or starting the birth control pill, severe stress even very high fevers. Have a general or even local anaesthesia is known to cause hair loss but only for a short while and the body then returns to normal around 6 weeks after having anaesthesia. Anaemia as well as hypo and hyperthyroidism and a deficiency in essential fatty acids can result in hair loss, just to name a few.

There are 100% natural products that can be used and proved to have a good success rate in that the hair starts returning to its normal growth cycle again. This formula provides the scalp and hair follicle with all essential minerals which prevents nutrient deficient follicles. These products retain the proper nutrients and helps increase the blood circulation to the scalp, making the scalp and hair follicle recover completely and eliminating female hair loss.


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